Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man of the Month: Nick Auger

Nick Auger was actually in my very first post. There, I stated that he was my favorite male model of all time. Actually, that's not true (the honor goes to Brett Hollands). But Nick Auger is indeed my favorite fitness model ever.

Model Universe Champione, he's perfect in every way. That face is gorgeous...his hard jawline and sparse facial hair exudes pure manliness, yet the pair of beautiful eyes softens everything...angelic and so damn sexy. Handsome is a word I reserve for a select few, and Nick Auger is the poster-boy for handsome.

Now let's talk about his body. It's phenomenal. I hate to compare men like objects, but my second and third favorite fitness models are James Ellis and Kevin Gould. Each man's body is perfect in their own respect, but I believe each muscle of Nick's body is an invidually sculpted masterpiece.

Muscle is pleasing to the eyes, for sure, but sometimes, lots of it is terribly uncomfortable. Who needs a man who sores you when he hugs you? In bed, I wanna cuddle up to a body that's more like a firm pillow rather than a jagged boulder. The next few photos hints that Nick Auger may just be that man who can offer both aesthetics and comfort.


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