Wednesday, July 6, 2011

India, Cambodia and Thailand - Sex tourism hubs

Sex tourism is a very lucrative industry in the modern global world. Sex tourists are individuals who travel to foreign countries to engage in sexual activity with children or females. According to Juan Miguel Petit, the UN special rapporteur on the rights of children, India, Cambodia and Thailand are the growing sex tourism spots in the world. He also says that the government is not doing enough to protect the children from such a horrid crime.

He explains the situation as a total neglect on the part of the government for financial benefits. The sex tourists are often very rich and pay hefty amounts for the same. The policemen also play a dormant role in this scenario. The pressure of money minting from sex tourists is what is keeping the government so passive about this issue. For him, Asia continues to be the growing sex tourism spot in the world. He condemns this act as an “insane tourism” and touches upon the plight of the young girls by mentioning correctly that money is what leads them towards such a brutal exploitation.Notwithstanding his remark, I personally feel that just dismissing something as insane and unnecessary would not help elevate the situation. The UN can dismiss an act as heinous but would it actually look after the income of these girls? Prostitution is a growing industry in Asia because of the backward economic condition of the countries. Furthermore, it is not solely the responsibility of any government to put a check on these issues. The citizens and the people who exploit these girls should also understand their mistakes. A government is a very broad term to be addressed to. It can function properly only if it has the desired support. If people stop “buying” sex, the sellers will have to stop selling them. This is a vicious circle and cannot be broken easily. Only slow and steady knowledge building can help eradicate this severely widespread disease.


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