Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sadik Hadzovic : Montenegrin Hunk

Montenegro is one the youngest country in the world, this Balkan country had been declared her Independence in 2006 from Serbia. Montenegro is historical country, if you ever go to this country you will find that Montenegrin cultures was the combination between South Slavic, Turks, Arab and Greek cultures. So this country probably was the most exotic country in Europe because Montenegrin is mixed between East and West civilization.

Since its Independence, Montenegro estabislhed many great things and eventually becoming one of fastest growing nations in Eastern Europe, rivalry to Kosovo and former mate, Serbia.

Sadik Hadzovic Profile/Biography:
  • Full Name : Sadik Hadzovic
  • Ages : 24
  • Nationality : Montenegrin
  • Residents : Miami
  • Height : 6'0
  • Weight : 184 lbs
  • Occupation : Athlete, Model
  • Hair : Long Brown'
  • Eyes : Hazel


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