Sunday, July 10, 2011

What are men really looking for in a woman?

Are men so superficial that we only look at the physical side of a woman? What is it that makes a female appealing to the opposite sex?

No use denying that the physical attraction plays a big role; however I’ll tell you this, no matter how shallow a guy may be there are various ways to get his attention. No I’m not talking about getting breast implants or visiting the gym seven days a week for that matter. You don’t have go out wearing a skirt which is just two inches lower than your belt, or wear a bra which is three sizes too small either. Most men are actually revolted by a woman who is begging for attention by dressing up in an indecent manner. There is a distinction between sexy and vulgar.

A confident woman, enough to face up to a man she likes is probably more captivating than any other physical female attribute. The way a woman talks, her style, even her choice of wardrobe is something men don’t overlook. In the end what men really want is a true woman, sophisticated, vulnerable and capable of satisfying her man.


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