Friday, July 8, 2011

Enough with the Weather Already...........

Where are the Hot Guys?? Right? Right!

I honestly can't believe I made it this long without putting up some "inspiration". Here are two GORGEOUS men who are currently inspiring me to write.

On the left is Theo Theodoridis, a Greek fashion model. I've listed his website below because I promise you, it is worth looking at ;) Be advised, you will need something cool to drink while you peruse his site. And you should probably sit down. And plug in a fan.

On the right is my favorite musician, Jake Owen. His latest music video, TELL ME, made for perfect inspiration because in it he plays a lawman, and the hero in my work-in-progress is a lawman. Here's the link to the video from YouTube. (You already plugged in the fan. Might as well give it a workout.)

So when you write, who inspires you? Do you have an actual image or just a mental image of the perfect hero?
I'd love to hear from you!


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